Career Stories - Tanis Fenton

Tanis Fenton PhD, RD
Leader in Clinical Nutrition

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Tanis is a true researcher, always looking for ways to prove or improve nutrition, both therapeutic and preventative, care. Her interest in developing her understanding of research led her to undertake her doctorate in Epidemiology - the study of the causes, distribution and control of diseases in the population. Over the years, Tanis has worked in a few roles, as the dietitian in a tertiary care neonatal intensive care unit, serving as Scientific Officer for the Calgary Health Region and in Clinical Nutrition, as Professional Practice Leader, and now as a Nutrition Researcher. She is a true role model for the profession.

Perhaps most valuable to the dietetic profession is that Tanis is an unselfish mentor, encouraging and supporting her colleagues to develop their own research skills and contribute to the credibility of the profession. She is sought after by her colleagues and other health professionals to present her findings and to explain the science behind them.

When asked about her career, she shared these thoughts..."The most rewarding aspects of my job as a dietitian are related to three things: the science of nutrition, doing research, and working with my colleagues. Nutrition is my passion as it supports optimum health. I find doing nutrition-related research rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to make new discoveries and improve health care. Research and the science of nutrition are fascinating because they are constantly evolving, and it's great to be a part of that evolution. My job gives me opportunities to work with my colleagues, to create and to use existing research to improve patient care, and to raise the profile of dietitians. It is very nice when a research project we have worked on is accepted, contributes to our knowledge base, and improves our practices."