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Post-Graduate Program Match

Effective immediately, Dietitians of Canada will no longer be coordinating the annual post-degree Practicum Program Match.  Students are advised to visit the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice website to review the programs and application information for accredited practicum programs offered in Canada. 

Post-graduate Practicum Program Match Process FAQs

1. Is there a limit to the number of programs that I may apply to?
No. You may apply to as many programs you wish through a direct application. Read the websites and program brochures for specific application requirements and deadlines. You should only apply to those programs from which you would accept an offer.

2. Can I apply for a combined Masters or Diploma Practicum Program in addition to a Post-graduate Practicum Program?
You may apply for any number or type of programs you wish. Check the websites of the various combined Masters or Diploma Practicum Programs to determine their processes and deadlines.​

3. Who screens applicants for a particular program?
Each Program Coordinator screens applicants to their program and selects applicants into the match system in rank order. 

4. Do programs interview applicants?
Program Coordinators review all of the applications they receive. Most (but not all) Coordinators will interview applicants by telephone or face-to-face. Check each program website for details about their specific selection and interview criteria.

5. How can I increase my chances of success?
Practicum programs are very competitive. Program Coordinators are looking for students with high academic ability, work experience, strong references and professional potential.

Your application package is your personal "marketing" tool. An application package that follows directions explicitly and is professional in appearance and content is very important. A well-developed cover letter serves as a good reflection of your interest in the program, your maturity, and communication skills. Read the program websites carefully to determine specific requirements of the Program and skills/attributes that the Program values.

6. Why might some application packages not be accepted?
If your application is not complete by the required deadline, it will not be accepted by the Program Coordinators. Leave sufficient time to prepare and send all documents and get references in from your referees. Do not leave this until the last moment.

7. When does selection and notification occur?
Please check the program materials for individual selection and notification dates.

8. I am an international student graduating from a Canadian university program. Am I eligible to apply for a dietetic internship?
Yes, you are eligible to apply but if successful you must change your student authorization to an employment authorization. A valid study permit is needed to apply for the work permit.

If you want to work in Canada after you graduate from your studies, you must apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. A work permit under this program cannot be valid for longer than your study program. For example, if you graduate from a 4-year degree program, you could be eligible for a 3 year work permit, if you meet the criteria.

International students must apply for the work permit within 90 days of receiving written confirmation (for example a transcript or official letter) from your educational institution that you have completed your academic program. So, if you are graduating in May you can accept a practicum placement offer in March, apply for a work permit right after you graduate, and begin your program in September.

You should confirm your individual situation with a representative of Citizenship & Immigration Canada. A complete copy of the application package to change the terms and conditions of your stay in Canada is available on-line at - Studying in Canada: Work Permits for Students—Working after Graduation.

9. If I have graduated from a US dietetics program, may I apply to the Canadian Program Match?
If applying to programs outside of Ontario, it is essential that you contact the provincial College of Dietitians in the jurisdiction to which you want to apply to determine your eligibility to apply to programs in that province.

Under current policies of the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO), if you have completed a program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) in the US, then Ontario-based post-graduate Practicum Programs will accept your application and if you successfully complete your practicum experiences, CDO will accept your application to become a member of that College.
ACEND accredited programs are listed on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) website.
ACEND accredited programs have special forms that they will provide to confirm that you have completed the program. This form may be uploaded into the Program Match application system where it asks for 'Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program'. 

10. If I don't receive an internship position this year, can I apply again?
Yes, applicants may apply for a post-graduate Practicum Position for up to three years from the date they graduated from a PDEP Canadian accredited dietetic education program.
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