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This is a place for educators to access the DC and PEN resources that can support you in the classroom.  Below you'll find out how to access group discounts, support for meeting ICDEP competencies, resources for your students and more.


The PEN and DC teams are available to come to your class to do interactive and information sessions. Find out more and book a time below.

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Share this video with your students to show the benefits of DC membership.  Download here

Knowledge Translation and Research

Embracing the Strength in Difference

Read Dr. Laurie Wadsworth's Ryley-Jeffs lecture on recognizing strengths that can lead to a stronger professional future.

2019 Ryley-Jeffs Lecture

PEN pathway: Health Literacy

Learn how health literacy affect health outcomes.

PEN pathway: Health Literacy

Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice

Read the current issue of the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice, free for student members.

Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice

PEN pathway: Outcomes of Dietitian Interventions

Review the evidence on the effectiveness of dietary counselling.

PEN pathway: Outcomes of Dietitian Interventions

CFDR Research

Students can submit research abstracts for the annual DC Conference. 

CFDR Abstracts

PEN pathway: Counselling Strategies

Learn more about learning styles and counselling models.

PEN pathway: Counselling Strategies

What does the early career of a new grad look like?

Workforce survey data on the career of new dietetic grads.

Dietetic New Grad Survey National Report 2020
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