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Internships and Practicum Programs

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university program, dietitians must also have the supervised practical experience that a dietetic internship/practicum programs provides.

As part of their training, students apply the academic knowledge they gained in university in practice-based settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, health units and the food industry. All internship programs – whether integrated/stage, post-degree internships or Masters programs – are accredited by Dietitians of Canada.

Types of internship/practicum programs

These can be completed either as part of an undergraduate degree program or as a post-degree initiative.

  1. Integrated undergraduate internship/stage:

    Here, the practicum training program is incorporated as part of the undergraduate degree. Some universities provide placements to all students admitted to the dietetics program.

    In other programs, the number of positions is limited and students must compete for them. Practicum placements are either organized in rotation blocks throughout the program, or positioned at the end when all academic coursework is complete. These programs are called integrated or stage programs.
    List of programs - Path A & B

  2. Post degree internship:
    After completing an accredited undergraduate university program, students have two options to complete an internship program:

    • Masters/practicum program
      In this case, students apply directly to the accredited university program. Masters/internship programs can be thesis or non-thesis based (practical Masters). In both cases, practicum experience is incorporated into the curriculum design, and the university arranges placements that students must complete in addition to the Masters-level coursework.
      List of Combined Masters Practicum Programs
    • Post-degree internship program
      Students can apply for internship programs through the Dietitians of Canada annual internship selection-match process.

      Here, internship programs are sponsored by specific organizations, such as hospitals or other care facilities, and typically last 35 to 40 weeks. Only a limited number of these internship positions exist.
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