Ontario Provincial Election 2018

The 2018 Ontario Provincial Election held on June 7 is an opportunity to get our voices heard!
We want to make sure that candidates know about dietitians and the issues that are important to the profession. Dietitians of Canada members have identified their top priorities to be:

  1. Improving access to dietitians across a variety of settings (primary health care, LTC, homecare)
  2. Supporting a healthy food environment and food security through a coordinated Food and Nutrition Strategy

Want to know how you can get involved? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Read the resources prepared for members (linked below) including: issue backgrounders, a sample letter to the political parties, and responses from the political parties
  2. Attend all-candidate meetings in your communities and raise our issues
  3. Distribute issue backgrounders to candidates and other interested people
  4. Organize a community event and invite candidates
  5. Ask questions and raise the issues with candidates campaigning in your neighbourhood
  6. Use social media – tweets have been prepared for your use!
How can I find out what riding I’m in and who are the candidates running in my riding?

You can find your riding by entering your postal code on the Elections Ontario website. You can see your candidates by visiting the Liberal Party, PC Party, NDP and Green Party websites.

How can I raise our issues with candidates?

Here are some tips on ways to raise the issues and promote the voice of dietitians during the election:
  • Check your local area for all-candidate meetings being organized. These meetings are often held at public venues such as community centres, libraries, or schools. Candidates from parties have an opportunity to promote their party’s platform and answer audience questions.
  • Use the information in the backgrounders to outline the access issue most relevant in your area. Give each candidate a copy of an issue backgrounder.
  • Frame specific questions. Ask, “if elected, what will your party do to improve access to dietitian services” or “…to reduce food insecurity.”
  • When candidates or their campaigners come to your door, ask about their approaches to increasing access, and hand them an issues document as well.

Join the conversation online!

We encourage you to use these tweets and add candidates’ twitter handles leading up to the election. You’ll notice we’ve included the hashtag #ONpoli which is used to talk about Ontario politics. By using this well followed hashtag, more people will see your tweets and adding the candidate and tagging the party will alert them to your post. You can also follow DC's Jennifer Buccinno at @JenniferBuccino for more tweets you can use during the election period. 

Candidate and party twitter handles:
@Kathleen_Wynne  @OntLiberal 
@fordnation             @OntarioPCParty
@MikeSchreiner      @OntarioGreens
@AndreaHorwath    @OntarioNDP

  1. Join the conversation! Let Ontario Election candidates know about the issues important to dietitians. Find tweets to use leading up to the election as well as candidate's twitter handles here: www.dietitians.ca/ONpoli2018 #ONpoli @DietitiansCan
  2. Ontarians require improved access to dietitian services to contain health system costs. [Candidate's Twitter Handle], will your party commit to improving access to dietitian services in long term care, home care and primary care?  #ONpoli @DietitiansCan
  3.  Dietitians working in primary health care have a positive effect on outcomes and can also have significant economic benefits, saving the health care system $$ [Candidate's Twitter Handle], will you support increased access to dietitians for Ontarians, including in primary health care? #ONpoli @DietitiansCan
  4. Inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral coordination is needed to advance food and nutrition priorities. [Candidate's Twitter Handle], will your party commit to developing and monitoring a coordinated food and nutrition strategy for Ontario to maximize impact and ROI? #ONpoli @DietitiansCan
  5. 1 in 8 Ontario households do not have enough money to buy safe and nutritious food.  [Candidate's Twitter Handle], I support @RDsPubHealthON's No Money for Food is...Cent$less campaign and would like to see income-based solutions for food insecurity. #ONpoli @DietitiansCan www.odph.ca/centsless