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In 2015, the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) Board ratified support for three United Nations campaigns – World Water Day, World Food Day and the International Year of Pulses 2016.  ICDA is made of 41 dietetic associations, representing over 160,000 dietitians and nutritionists worldwide.


As a member of ICDA, Dietitians of Canada has signed on to support national and international efforts related to these three official United Nations campaigns.

  • World Water Day – March 22
  • World Food Day – October 16
  • International Year of Pulses 2016


World Water Day – March 22 - Dietitians of Canada actively promoted World Water Day in 2015, we issued a news release, and posted to Facebook and tweeted messages. 
World Food Day – October 16 – The theme for World Food Day 2015 was ‘Social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty’. You will find background on the 2015 campaign and a new resource we developed to create awareness about Food Insecurity in Canada here. We posted messages to Facebook and were active on twitter on October 16.
International Year of Pulses 2016  - Dietitians of Canada volunteered to prepare promotional materials for the International Year of Pulses 2016 to support all ICDA members. This official United Nations event provides us with an opportunity to profile the role of dietitians in supporting the health of the population through food sustainability.
For further details about the work of the United Nations, visit the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website and review the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development released in September 2015. The Agenda includes goals and targets to end global poverty and hunger.

UN Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016 - 2025 - Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, this decade will recognize the need to eradicate hunger and prevent all forms of malnutrition worldwide - working together to address these and other pressing nutrition issues.
In August 2016, Dietitians of Canada released a position statement and recommendations on Household Food Insecurity in Canada - read more and download the reports and Executive Summary at

Updated August 22, 2016

World Food Day is celebrated each year on October 16.

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