Home Care



Many older Canadians would be able to stay healthier and in their own homes for longer with proper home care nutrition services. A good home care nutrition system would enhance quality of life for the client and their caregivers. Staying in their home for longer also reduces acute care use and the costs associated with preventable hospital visits.


Dietitians support home-based nutrition services that:

  • Are easy to access
  • Are part of the larger health care system
  • Will prevent malnutrition
  • Will minimize related fiscal and social costs

Dietitians support assessment of all home care clients to determine their nutrition risk. Those with moderate or high nutrition risk must have a nutrition care plan. It should be developed and monitored by a dietitian. If the client has a special diet (modified texture; food allergy), the dietitian should be involved in the care plan.


Dietitians have met with leaders in provincial governments to discuss their position. Dietitians of Canada continues to work together with home care providers and other health professional associations to bring a consistent message to decision makers including influencing  provincial election campaigns.


Updated August 22, 2016

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