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Dietitians are valued members of the health team at every level of the health system – municipal, provincial and federal. Whether it is helping a client cope with diabetes, cancer or heart disease or preparing for or recovering from surgery, or making sure foods served in hospitals are safe and healthy, dietitians bring a unique set of skills and expertise that make the difference.


Dietitians of Canada supports access by all Canadians to the right services by the right professional, at the right time, to address health needs. This means having access to a dietitian to oversee the nutrition care process and the hospital food services

The nutrition care process involves four steps:

  • Assessment
  • Nutrition diagnosis
  • Intervention and
  • Monitoring

It is critical that there is standardization of the nutrition care process, the terms and definitions used, as well as record keeping. Dietitians across Canada have worked together to do just that.


Dietitians of Canada supported bringing dietitian experts together to develop the Canadian Perspective on the Nutrition Care Process. Dietitians of Canada also supports Canadian Malnutrition Week in the last week of September and promotes use of the materials posted at the website of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF), as well as other resources listed below.  



  • Dietitians Staffing Levels in Ontario Hospitals (Executive Summary) 

    (November 2018) – Dietitians of Canada’s (DC) Clinical Nutrition Leaders Action group (Ontario) surveyed DC members working in acute care settings in the fall of 2017 to collect information on current staffing levels of in- and outpatient programs across Ontario. This survey is the first of its kind in Ontario and serves as a baseline dataset for future work in determining optimal hospital dietetic staffing levels.

  • Read the full report (members only)

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This infographic by Nourish: Future of Food in Health Care shares the various opportunities available to health care institutions in Canada to leverage food as a way to improve patient, organization and community outcomes.


Subjective Global Assessment (SGA)
Instructional DVD for health professionals - updated in 2015.

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Canadian Malnutrition Week
Dietitians of Canada supports Canadian Malnutrition Week in the last week of September

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