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Many Canadian workers have employee health insurance, but some plans do not cover the cost of dietitian services. There are steps employees and employers can take to make sure their employee health care plans include dietitian services. 

Why does this matter?
Over 30 percent of Canadians have a chronic disease, and about 60 percent are overweight or obese.  This costs employers money, as employees make more claims leading to higher premiums and prescription drug costs.
How can dietitians help?
Lifestyle interventions led by dietitians can help employers SAVE MONEY by reducing health related lost productivity by 64% and decreasing disability days by 87%. Interventions led by dietitians can also improve the health of employees by reducing their risk of chronic diseases and by helping them to manage nutrition related issues like food allergies.
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Who are registered dietitians?

  • RDs are the only regulated health professionals in the field of nutrition.
  • Dietitians are qualified to offer Canadians trust-worthy, science-based food and nutrition advice tailored to their health goals, preferences, and lifestyles.

What Can You Do?

Are you an employer?

  • Talk to your insurance broker and ask for dietitians to be added to your employee health insurance plan.
  • Check out this brief with evidence on why employee extended health care plans should include dietitian services

Are you an employee?

  • Bring this infographic to your employer, union rep, or HR department and ask them to add dietitian services to your employee health insurance plan.

Supporting Resources 

Find-A-Dietitian: There are over 600 private practice dietitians across Canada – find one close to you today!

About Us

The employee health insurance campaign is spearheaded by the Consulting Dietitians Network (CDN) - a group of over 440 registered dietitians (RD) in private practice across Canada. The CDN is supported by Dietitians of Canada and works alongside a Local Action Groups from Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. An Employee Health Insurance Advocacy (EHIA) Advisory Committee was formed in 2018 to provide input and advice to an EHIA Consultant to aid the development of a sustainable strategy for additional dietitian coverage on employee health insurance plans across the country.  


Updated October 11, 2018


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