Public Health



Public health nutrition helps enhance health and prevent nutrition-related diseases.

Public health dietitians focus on:

  • The interactions among the determinants of health
  • Food security
  • Nutritional health
  • Overall health


Public health dietitians are experts in nutrition, food systems and related public health sciences. Dietitians call for:

  • Guaranteed sustained funding for public health
  • Increasing the percentage of total public funds invested in public health
  • Expanded human resources including dietitians
  • Continued and enhanced public health leadership
  • Strengthened capacity of the Public Health Agency of Canada


Dietitians of Canada (DC) is a member of the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century. As part of this group, dietitians advocate for an effective and integrated public health system.

With funding support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, DC has participated in several projects to support public health nutrition practice in Canada including:


  • Dietitians in Public Health

    (February 2017) – This bililngual factsheet provides an overview of what public health dietitians do and how they contribute to the health of the community.

  • Public Health Nutrition Practice in Canada

    (2010, 2015, 2016) – Reports and resources from the Pan Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice (2010), an on-line course on Assessing Needs and Setting Priorities in Population and Public Health (2015), and documents describing Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada (2015, 2016).

  • Operationalizing New Integrated Population and Public Health Nutrition Competencies into Dietetic Education and Practice

    (Final Report 2013-2015) – The resulting online course and support materials, focusing on conducting a community needs assessment and setting priorities, support dietetic students, interns and new public health practitioners to achieve entry-level competencies for dietetic practice in population and public health.

  • BC Liquor Law Review Submission

    (2013) –Dietitians of Canada urges the BC government to consider public safety and health risks as the priority factor in decision-making with regard to modernization of the provincial liquor laws. To that end, DC recommends that any proposed recommendations for liquor reform undergo a health impact assessment prior to presentation to Cabinet.

  • DC takes University of Calgary's School of Public Policy to task for FSEDLL report

    (July 2013) –PEN and Alberta and Territories Region responded to the report entitled Fiscal, Social and Economic Dividends of Feeling Better and Living Longer by Emery et al. DC disagrees with many of the reports findings.

  • Community and Public Health Network

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