Public Health Nutrition Practice

Between 2006-2010, a Pan-Canadian Advisory Committee on Public Health Nutrition Competencies (later named the Pan Canadian Task Force on Public Health Nutrition Practice), formed in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), provided strategic guidance and expert advice on public health nutrition practice enhancement in Canada. The Task Force included leaders in public health nutrition from across Canada and organization liaisons that brought a variety of perspectives related to public health nutrition education, training, regulation, practice, research and workforce related issues. The work of the Task Force was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada through Dietitians of Canada.  Three documents were produced in 2010, available under “Resources” below.
In 2015, two additional projects were completed and published, providing further support for public health nutrition practice in Canada:

Assessing Needs and Setting Priorities in Population and Public Health, a bilingual, evidence-based, self-paced learning program available on-line through DC. The course focuses on the development of the knowledge and skills required for conducting a community nutrition needs assessment and prioritizing needs - two performance indicators in the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice. This course was created with extensive input from dietetic educators, public health practitioners and dietetic students. Dietitians of Canada gratefully acknowledges funding support for this project from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). 
Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada was made available for purchase or as a read-only pdf file. DC worked with the Community Health Nurses of Canada, the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and the Manitoba Public Health Managers Network in this multi-phase, collaborative project (with funding from PHAC) to develop this document. The document focuses on leadership competencies applicable for all Public Health professionals. In addition, two more documents were made available in 2015 – see “Resources” below, for a presentation about the project (The Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC) in 2016) and a list of these Leadership Competencies (2016 handout at TOPHC presentation).



Updated October 19, 2016