WHO Growth Charts Set 1


Updated March 2014

The WHO Growth Charts for Canada are recommended for monitoring and assessment of growth of Canadian infants and Children in primary care and public health by the Canadian Paediatric Society, Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group, College of Family Physicians of Canada, Community Health Nurses of Canada and Dietitians of Canada. The charts were redesigned in March 2014 to address concerns of practitioners who had been using the charts since they were first released in 2010. The 2014 growth charts remain aligned with the recommendations in the 2010 collaborative statement. A summary of the design changes is available.

Use www.whogrowthcharts.ca to promote easy access to the WHO Growth Charts.

A BMI Calculator and BMI Tables for Children 2-19 years are available to help you determine the BMI.

Printing Instructions for Growth Charts
Tables are available in high quality vector-based graphics suitable for printing on a laser printer or as a high quality print master for quantity production through a commercial printer.  DOWNLOAD

There are two versions of the WHO Growth Charts for Canada available with alternative percentile choices:

Set 1 use the 3rd, 15th, 50th, 85th, 97th and the 99.9th centile for Birth-24 months, Weight-for-length; and 2-19 years, BMI-for-age (as displayed below).

Set 2 use the 3rd, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th, 97th (substituting 85th for 90th centile and including the 99.9th centile for Birth to 24 months, Weight-for-length; and 2-19 years, BMI-for-age).
Link here for Set 2

Set 1 as follows:



Measuring Children

Watch a video on how to accurately weigh and measure infants and children.