Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice



Representatives of Dietitians of Canada, and of dietetics education programs, and of the Alliance of Canadian Dietetics Regulatory Bodies form a Steering Committee for our ‘Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP)’, providing leadership for collective action on matters of common interest where mandates of the three groups overlap.


Through this partnership forum, Canada now has up-to-date, forward looking, integrated entry-to-practice standards known as the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP).  The ICDEP Framework consists of an interrelated set of Practice Competencies (PCs), Performance Indicators (PIs) and Foundational Knowledge statements.  The Foundation Knowledge and Performance Indicators provide the blueprint for all dietetic education programs in Canada beginning Fall 2013. The Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination will be based on the ICDEPs Fall 2014.  Dietetics Education Program Accreditation Standards are currently under revision to incorporate the competencies and will be piloted through education program reviews Spring 2014.
Dietitians of Canada plays a pivotal role at the Steering Committee by bringing perspectives of the profession on excellence and innovation in dietetics practice into deliberations for setting professional education standards in Canada.  Our representation ensures that members are consulted and contribute to shaping these important national standards. 
For more information on PDEP, visit www.pdep.ca or contact the Secretariat at secretariat@pdep.ca.