A proposed Roadmap for Dietitians


Members of Dietitians of Canada were invited to contribute to a research project that aimed to:

  • spark dialogue about sustainable food systems in Canada through co-creating a vision
  • identify barriers and supports or sustainable food systems in the current Canadian context
  • identify and prioritize actions that will bring us toward our collective vision
  • identify indicators relevant to nutrition professionals, and necessary to measure progress toward the vision

The research was a collaboration between DC and researchers from Acadia University and Blekinge Institute for Technology in 2017.  The call for volunteers was sent out via the national DC newsletter, Members in Action January 2017.  The result was Sustainable Food Systems that Promote Healthy Diets: A proposed Roadmap for Dietitians”.
Read the DC PRACTICE SUMMARY of the proposed Roadmap, to get straight to the point on the vision we created from this research and how Canadian dietitians thought they could leverage change.  We note this report summarizes how participating DC members envisioned sustainable food systems, exploring actions that could be valuable to strategic planning at an organizational level and in individual practice. It is therefore not an official DC action plan with prescriptive guidance, but rather, a tool for learning and engaging in dialogue about sustainable food systems.
Read the FULL report, Sustainable Food Systems that Promote Healthy Diets: A proposed Roadmap for Dietitians, which is available at https://www.bth.se/eng/food-commons/  The  researchers proposed a “roadmap” for DC based on member feedback. This full report explains the outcomes of each objective, and details how and why this roadmap came to be. 

A vision of Canadian dietitians 

Sustainable food systems in Canada….

  • steward and enhance ecosystems, and respect the needs of other species in those ecosystems
  • are sovereign and self-sufficient while supporting other nations’ food sovereignty
  • support food literacy
  • support equitable and just access to food for all Canadians in a manner that is empowering, inclusive, dignifying and respectful
  • support a healthy relationship with food, such that Canadians value food, its origin and quality, and express identity and culture through foods

Within this vision, Canadian dietitians will take an active role in food system advocacy, education and governance, as both leaders and collaborators, guided by current evidence on food in a sustainable society.

What actions can a dietitian undertake to champion sustainable food systems that promote healthy diets? 

The proposed Roadmap for Dietitians describes how dietitians can:

  • reflect and educate themselves
  • communicate
  • educate others
  • advocate
  • institutionalize
  • collaborate