The SFS Initiative


The Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors provided new Organization Priorities to the Association in 2016, under an overarching outcome that “Policy makers and the public acknowledge that nutrition is a primary contributor to improving health and that the dietitian profession’s unique body of knowledge and skills makes an integral contribution to health improvement”. Within this broad aim, the fourth organization priority is “Decision makers in education systems, public health and health systems, agri-food and other relevant sectors have readily available evidence-informed and actionable advice that informs policy in support of healthy food environment”.  DC members would have ready access to “a meaning of ‘sustainable food system that promotes healthy diets’.
The purpose of this Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Initiative was to launch work within the  membership of Dietitians of Canada, to develop a common understanding of SFS, something dietitians could stand behind. The vision is that DC members will have evidence-informed, actionable information and advice to put forward in intersectoral dialogue, advocating for innovations at multiple tables.
The theme of the 17th International Congress of Dietetics, hosted in Granada, Spain in September 2016, was “going to sustainable eating”. DC members Liesel Carlsson and Roxane Wagner caught the enthusiasm and agreed to Co-Chair a leadership team for this initiative, exploring Sustainable Food Systems.  We are proud of the milestones achieved, as highlighted in the timeline below. 


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