SFS Recommended Resources


Defining sustainability is difficult.  Finding resources that help us to identify “sustainable food systems that promote healthy diets” can be overwhelming!  It really depends on how broadly you define sustainability, what it means within your country or region, how you measure outcomes.
The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Leadership Team aims to provide key resources to help all of us, as DC members, as a profession, become familiar with literature on food system sustainability and to see the vision we can have for SFS in Canada.

Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems 

To guide the work of the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Leadership Team, working definitions have been chosen as a starting point from which to move forward. Definitions include sustainable development, food systems, sustainable food systems, and sustainable diets. It's helpful if we all use the same definitions!

This annotated bibliography includes Recommended Resources on Sustainable Food Systems from the Dietitians of Canada Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team. The list includes the three systematic reviews used by Health Canada in support of their rationale to include “environmental considerations” in future Dietary Guidance and revisions to the Canada’s Food Guide suite of tools. 


DC and the SFS team provided comment on a discussion paper provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada, called “Taking Stock. Food Loss and Waste”. Read DC’s response here (April 2019).

Learning on Demand  

Dietitians of Canada provides on-line learning opportunities, including these three videos on the topic of Sustainable Diets. 
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