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2021 Member Board Dialogue

  The recording and transcript of the 2021 Member Board Dialogue is now available

The annual Member Board Dialogue (MBD) takes place every year at the DC National Conference. This is an important event that gives DC members and the DC Board of Directors an opportunity to discuss current issues and connect as a community. As with many things in this past year, the 2021 Member Board Dialogue will take place virtually. The 2021 Member Board Dialogue is scheduled for Tuesday June 8, from 12pm- 1pm (Eastern).
The objective of this year’s MBD is to hear from members on two key questions that the DC Board of Directors has been hard at work on since earlier this year.
  1. Does the recruitment of DC Board members need to change and how so?
  2. How can the DC Board improve two-way communication with DC members?
Your input is valued and adds important information to all the data the Board reviews as we make decisions, adapt policy or propose changes to the DC Bylaws. Hearing from members and understanding expectations helps the Board provide future direction for association activities and goals.
Despite the challenges of meeting in a virtual world, the 2021 Virtual Member Board Dialogue gives all members the opportunity to join the meeting to share their views, values and perspectives. Through, participant polls, chat and open mic Q&A we anticipate an engaging discussion. The event will be recorded, and a transcription will be made available to DC members on the member portal.
We look forward to your participation and involvement in this year’s session.
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