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Trauma and Nutrition

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This event was hosted by the Addictions, Mental Health & Eating Disorder (AHMED) Network and Diabetes, Obesity & Cardiovascular (DOC) Network of Dietitians of Canada. 

This presentation offers different lenses through which nutrition can be viewed and offers an introduction to the growing field of nutrition for mental health. Trauma, particularly early in life, is described as a risk factor for disordered eating behavior. Understanding the mechanisms by which trauma can become biological embedded helps clinicians to understand human eating behavior and thereby decrease stigma related to weight and health behaviors.

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:
  1. List five different frameworks used to understand nutrition
  2. List three ways that adversity can become biologically embedded
  3. List four components of “trauma-informed nutrition”

Date and Time
Wednesday, July 13th; Noon to 1 pm EST

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This event is now closed.  Members of of the AHMED or DOC Networks may view the recordings on the Network Portal. 

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About the presenter: David Wiss, PhD, MS, RDN

David became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in 2013 and founded Nutrition in Recovery, a group practice of RDNs specializing in the treatment of eating and substance use disorders. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health in the Community Health Sciences department, with a minor in Health Psychology. Dr. Wiss can be your nutrition and health consultant, functional medicine practitioner, recovery coach, or simply provide psychoeducation related to his areas of expertise. Learn more about the intersection of nutrition and mental health at his new website Wise Mind Nutrition.
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