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Enjoy a lifetime of good health by making nutritious choices where you live, work, and play. Use these useful tools and science-based information that you can trust.

Find a Dietitian

Are you looking for a dietitian in private practice for yourself, a family member, or your organization?
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Track eating

Assess your current lifestyle and eating habits or those of your preschooler/toddler to see if you are on track or if some changes are needed
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Plan well

Planning ahead will help you eat well.
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Shop smart

Making smart choices at the grocery store can help you stock a healthy fridge and pantry.
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Cook healthy (Recipes!)

Bored of the same old fare? Find dietitian-approved recipes plus accesss to Cookspiration web site and app with recipe ideas served up to suite your mood and schedule.
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Nutrition A-Z

Access evidence-based information and ready to print fact sheets from Active Living to Zinc.
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Assess your BMI

Body mass index (BMI) is one of many factors that you and your health care provider can use to assess your health based on your height and weight.
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Nutrition Month

Every year in March, dietitians across the country remind us of the importance of healthy eating and the positive impact nutrition has on our health and well-being.
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Videos by dietitians

View a variety of videos on grocery shopping, meal planning and the preparation of meals plus more… All videos are hosted by dietitians. Link to one or more for your next healthy eating display or presentation.
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eaTracker helps you track your eating and activity choices, analyze your recipes, plan your meals and more...

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Label Reading

Jenille reviews how to read a food label including the nutrition facts panel and %DV.

We're serving up new recipes to suit your mood and schedule.