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Nola Thompson celebrates Nutrition Month with a cooking club

Leading up to Nutrition Month, Dietitians of Canada will catch up with dietitians and nutrition students to find out how they’ll be promoting and celebrating this year. Get inspired, then start planning your own Nutrition Month activities and events! Visit for details. 

Today, learn more about Nola Thompson, Out-patient dietitian at Manitoulin Central Family Health Team, to find out what she's planning for March.


DC: What are you planning for Nutrition Month, Nola?

Nola: Annually, I plan kids’ cooking classes during March Break to coincide with Nutrition Month. The classes will be held this year at two sites and both younger and older children can participate in sessions tailored to them. 
Over approximately two hours, we complete two recipes.

This year’s recipes come from I make a cookbook for the kids that includes the recipes we make along with some other recipes. It has a few blank pages so that the kids can draw pictures and create their own title page. The kids come with an adult, like a grandparent or a parent, so that they can bond over food. The interaction is what’s most important and aligns nicely with this year’s Nutrition Month theme. 

I put up promotional flyers for the cooking classes in community businesses, like the grocery store and pharmacy, and in my clinics. We gather feedback from participants through an evaluation so we can improve every year.

DC: Do you have any advice for dietitians as they plan their Nutrition Month activities?

Nola: As a rural and remote dietitian, resources can be limited, but I’m able to plan and implement the cooking classes with a very small budget. My advice is that you don’t need to be fancy! If you don’t have a kitchen facility, you can still make simple recipes. The interaction with food and eating together is what’s most important. Ask your organization what’s possible and what support they can offer.

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