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Isabelle Neiderer and her team are proud to support Nutrition Month

Leading up to Nutrition Month, Dietitians of Canada will catch up with dietitians and nutrition students to find out how they’ll be promoting and celebrating this year. Get inspired, then start planning your own Nutrition Month activities and events! Visit for details. 

We spoke with Isabelle Neiderer, a dietitian and the Director of Nutrition and Research at Dairy Farmers of Canada to find out what her team is planning for March.


DC: What are you planning for Nutrition Month, Isabelle?

Isabelle​: We at Dairy Farmers of Canada are proud to have been the official sponsor of Nutrition Month for over 30 years. We are pleased to offer our annual nutrition month poster (available in English and French) to support dietitians in their education efforts. This year’s poster shows a sampling of basic foods in a fresh and contemporary layout to inspire cooking, sharing and enjoying nutritious meals more often.
We also contributed recipes to Cookspiration and the Nutrition Month Recipe e-Book, chosen for their nutritional value and accessibility. We hope dietitians will find them useful in their Nutrition Month initiatives.
Every year we aim to complement Dietitians of Canada’s efforts by launching a social media campaign to widen the reach of Nutrition Month’s key messages. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

DC: Do you have any advice for dietitians as they plan their Nutrition Month activities?

Isabelle​: The research we conduct through an independent firm shows that the Nutrition Month campaign is viewed favourably by Canadians and can motivate them to improve their healthy eating habits. This provides us with good rationale to continue supporting Nutrition Month every year. We know Canadians’ diets are low in nutrients provided by milk products.  These inadequacies are worse today than 10 years ago across all age groups. That gives us more reason to reinforce milk products in a healthy diet. Canadians need the help of dietitians especially with so much misinformation out there. Take every opportunity to communicate and provide sound advice to your clients and community. If you feel inexperienced, start small, prepare simple key messages, and grab the opportunity to join in and make our impact even greater!

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Want to share your Nutrition Month plans with us? Contact

Dietitians of Canada acknowledges the support of Dairy Farmers of Canada who help bring Nutrition Month 2020 to Canadians.
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