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Business and Industry

Temporarily paused for the 2022-2023 year.  This network will not be available for purchase.

With a range of members who work in sales, marketing, public relations, communications, media, brand development, regulatory affairs, foodservice and entrepreneurial roles, this network is for dietitians who use their nutrition-based knowledge in non-traditional jobs. The goal of the Business & Industry Network (DCBIN) is to create a forum for dietitians to feel connected with like-minded business and industry dietitians. We provide a number of in-person events each year for both networking and educational purposes. 

Who should join this network? 
If you are a dietitian working in sales, marketing, public relations, communications, media, brand development, regulatory affairs, foodservice, an entrepreneurial role, or use your nutrition knowledge in a non-traditional role, you will likely benefit from being part of DCBIN. Students or dietitians in a career transition who are looking for unique roles are always welcome too!

Benefits of membership
  • Newsletter three times a year with event highlights, industry news and upcoming events. Here's an issue of Business Bites as an example
  • Discount rates to all networking events, which include the annual golf tournament, conference event, and educational sessions (webinars) 
  • Access to the DCBIN portal on the DC website, with member forums and blogs
  • Access to the DCBIN Salary Survey, which provides member-driven results on median salary, bonus, benefits, vacation, maternity leave and other pertinent factors
  • A chance to win a free trip to the DC Conference with a student award or dietitian recognition award
Activities and Achievements
  • Annual sold-out (144 players!) golf tournament 
  • Webinars about social media, marketing, food trends and more, with top notch-speakers (free to attend for members)
  • First network to offer a “dietitian recognition" award to one member, which includes a free trip to the DC conference
  • Salary survey conducted every 5 years to ensure you understand the job market with regard to salary, bonuses, mat leave and more
Leadership Team
Chairs: Maxine Silberg and Kristina Chester
Treasurer: Krish Thayalan
Website Coordinator: Melanie Chislett
Newsletter Writer: Cara Rosenbloom
Communications Coordinator: Susan Greig
Events Coordinator: Denise Paul
Student Events : Elise Sanderson

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students

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