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Community & Public Health Nutrition Network

The Community and Public Health Nutrition Network brings together dietitians, public health nutritionists and students working in a variety of settings to connect, learn from each other and discover resources and educational opportunities to support your practice.  Specific network objectives are to:

  • Promote and facilitate communication and information sharing about topics related to public and community health nutrition.
  • Share the latest information about best practices and resources for community and public health nutrition.
  • Facilitate participation in continuing education opportunities.
  • Promote community nutrition and public health nutrition as a career choice and support career growth in this area.
  • Support opportunities for engagement with government and policy makers and provide consultation on issues related to community nutrition and public health nutrition practice.
  • Raise awareness of and advocate on behalf of community nutrition and public health nutrition issues and practice challenges.

Who should join this network?
Dietitians working in public health units/departments, regional health authorities, community health centres, government or with other organizations that take a community-centred and/or population health approach to public health nutrition.

Benefits of membership

  • Ability to network and connect with other dietitians and students working/interested in community and public health nutrition.
  • Discover new tools and resources.
  • Learn about and access professional development opportunities like webinars and conferences to support your practice and career growth.
  • Access and/or participate in book reviews and blogs written by other members.
  • Engage with, share and post questions through our online "coast-to-coast" platform.
  • Discover opportunities to volunteer in meaningful ways to support your own growth, the network and the profession.
  • Apply for Dietitians of Canada Conference Sponsorship opportunities.

Leadership Team

Co-Chairs: Lesley Andrade and Brianne McVeigh

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students


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