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Welcome to the Gerontology Network (GN)!  Do you have an interest or work with seniors and their multiple of health related problems where nutrition can have an impact on their quality of life?  
Who should join this network? 
If you are thinking about joining or have joined the GN, we can support you in your role as a Registered Dietitian providing nutrition expertise to this age group!  The majority of the members work in long term care, assisted living, home care and continuing care within hospitals.  The GN is a group of 567 progressive dietitians interested in nutrition in gerontology. The group provides a framework in which dietitians can share information on current practices, new developments and build on expertise in specialty areas of nutrition in accordance with DC’s mission, vision, values and policy statements.  The goal of our network is to provide networking opportunities and a forum for information sharing across Canada.   Physical Med & Rehab (PM & R) Representatives who share a common interest in geriatric nutrition across diverse practice areas including the continuum of care, long-term care and dietetic practice is also a branch of this group. Long-term goals of the network is to provide recommendations or support for standardization of regional practice, to increase collaborative practice-based research opportunities, to decrease gaps in the continuum of nutritional care while increasing efficiencies across the region.  We encourage you to take advantage of our many network benefits…so let’s get right into it!

Benefits of membership
  • Exciting Webinars featuring expert speakers on topics relevant to dietetic practice and seniors…we feature 4-5 per year at no charge to the GN network.
  • Active discussions in the Coast to Coast member forum on a daily basis. GN Members post questions related to practice and gain valuable feedback from others working in the field.
  • Highlights of member accomplishments, blogs, and member articles related to clinical practice ideas.
  • Participation in Network Surveys including salary surveys and discussions throughout the year.
  • Discounted fees to attend GN workshops put on by the GN executive and RD volunteers across the country on topics related to your area of practice.  The feedback that is received from these workshops is outstanding “this is the best workshop I attend all year relevant to my area of practice”

Activities and Achievements
  • Supported the 2018 Annual DC Conference in BC by hosting a social networking event with the Dysphagia Network and sponsorship of two students to attend the conference each year.
  • Hosted frequent webinars for our members (check out the files for archives):
  • Spring & Fall GN Workshops in Ontario each year  & Spring Workshop in Alberta in May 2018
  • Hosted a joint workshop with Dysphagia Treatment Network(DAT-N) in Ontario in Spring 2018
  • Joint IDDSI webinars with Canadian Society Nutrition Management (CSNM) and sent out IDDSI kits to all GN members
The collective knowledge of members within our GN network is outstanding. The GN executive hopes that you will join to gain new knowledge, develop new skills, and most importantly built new relationships that will help to support you in your work. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to your executive network. They are movers and shakers in the business, volunteering countless hours behind-the-scenes to keep the network running smoothly and to provide valuable resources to up the ante in your practice. Reach out to them in your province if you have further questions about the benefits of the network or refer to the attached infographic for “10 Reasons to Join the Gerontology Network

Leadership Team:
Chairperson – Cherie Furlan-Craievich RD
British Columbia - Suzanne Quiring RD
Alberta – VACANT
Manitoba & Saskatchewan – Robin Hartl RD
Northwest & Central Ontario - Sarah Faulds RD
Northeast Ontario & Quebec - Genevieve Marleau RD Eastern Provinces( NS, NB, PEI, NL) – VACANT
Physical Med & Rehab - Suja Varghese RD   Newsletter Editor - Amanda Beales RD
Treasurer  & Registration Coordinator - Ashley Cook RD 

Cost: $30/year
  Join this network
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