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The Gerontology Network is a group of more than 500 progressive dietitians interested in gerontology nutrition. In this group, dietitians network, share information on current practices, new developments and build on expertise in specialty areas of gerontology nutrition. The long-term goal of the network is to provide recommendations or support for standardization of regional practice, to increase collaborative practice-based research opportunities, to decrease gaps in the continuum of nutritional care while increasing efficiencies across the region. 
Who should join this network? 
Dietitians who work in long-term care, assisted living, home care and continuing care.

Benefits of membership
  • 4-5 free webinars annually featuring expert speakers on nutrition and seniors
  • Discounts on workshops organized by the network
  • Student scholarships to attend the annual DC conference
  • Participate in member forum discussions and connect with dietitians from across the country working in the same practice area. Gain valuable insights and knowledge from other experts in the field.
  • Access specialized practice resources, reports and client tools.
  • Celebrate member accomplishments
Activities and Achievements
  • At the 2018 DC conference, hosted a social networking event with the Dysphagia Network
  • Held in-person spring and fall workshops in Ontario (could add details about topic)
  • In May 2018, held a spring workshop in Alberta (could add details about topic)
  • In Spring 2018, hosted a joint workshop with Dysphagia Treatment Network (DAT-N) in Ontario
  • Presented joint IDDSI webinars with Canadian Society Nutrition Management and provided IDDSI kits to all members

Leadership Team:
Chairperson – Cherie Furlan-Craievich RD
British Columbia - Suzanne Quiring RD
Alberta – VACANT
Manitoba & Saskatchewan – Robin Hartl RD
Northwest & Central Ontario - Sarah Faulds RD
Northeast Ontario & Quebec - Genevieve Marleau RD Eastern Provinces( NS, NB, PEI, NL) – VACANT
Physical Med & Rehab - Suja Varghese RD   Newsletter Editor - Amanda Beales RD
Treasurer  & Registration Coordinator - Ashley Cook RD 

Cost: $45 for full members; $15 for students
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