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Home Care

The Dietitians of Canada Home Care Network is a practice group for dietitians interested in home care. The group provides opportunities for dietitians to share information on current practices, new developments and build on expertise in the home care field. 

Who should join this network? 
If you work in home care or are interested in working in the home care field, you would benefit most from joining.

Benefits of membership
  • Be a part of a network which supports and fosters communication and information sharing among network members, other dietitians, and with other relevant organizations and groups. 
  • Get involved with advocacy and promoting home care dietitian services.
  • Have access to ongoing educational events and activities related to home care. 
Activities and achievements
Join us for educational events that review hot topics such as total parental nutrition, home made blenderized tube feedings, and nutrition for wound care in the home setting.

Leadership Team
Chair: Kelly Reinprecht 
Lindsay Currie (Regional Rep - ON)
Uma Sebastiampillai (Regional Rep - ON)

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students

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