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Ontario Family Health Team Dietitians

To support Ontario Family Health Team (FHT) dietitians in providing extraordinary patient-centred care that is evidence-based and is delivered in an interdisciplinary care model.


  •  DC (Dietitians of Canada)
  •  AFHTO (Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario)
  •  DC PHCAG (Dietitians of Canada Primary Health Care Action Group)
  •  AFHTO RD Community of Practice (AFHTO RD Community of Practice)

Benefits of Membership
  • Listserv access (One of the best-utilized benefits of membership to the network. A Yahoo! Group functions as a listserv/forum for FHT RDs to post clinical pearls, queries, resources, tips and information for all members to see.)
  • Free Entry to AFHTO ½ day workshop
  • Invited to regional meetings and events
  • Survey monkey account access
  • Discount at FHT RD annual conference
  • Knowledge transfer webinar series (4-5 free online learning opportunities per year)
  • Ongoing advocacy efforts primary care dietitians
  • Being part of a welcoming and supportive community
  • Close contact with other primary care dietitians


Cost: $37/year


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