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Student Network

Students are an important part of Dietitians of Canada. As we begin to learn and gain experience applying nutrition knowledge to practice, it is a rewarding, although difficult, time. The Student Network is a community that brings together students from universities and colleges across Canada, to help us share our experiences, learn from one another, and network with our future colleagues. 

Benefits of Membership
  • access to TeamDeck, a community for students to discuss nutrition-related topics and meet others from across Canada
  • invitation to the Student Social at the Dietitians of Canada Conference
  • opportunities to volunteer and apply for awards

DC Networks student scholarships to attend conference are now available.   You must be a DC member at the time of application and at the time of the Conference. The deadline for these awards has been extended until February 29See the criteria and submission information here.


Leadership Team
Sr. Co-Chair: Emily Quinn
Jr. Co-Chair: Toni Tran

Cost: Free for Student Members

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