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Sustainable Food Systems

The purpose of this new network is to actively engage members on the subject of sustainable food systems. Our goals are to engage in knowledge exchange and best practices with members in all areas of dietetic practice and act as a knowledge hub, educating members via webinars and the sharing of resources to expand and excel in our role as dietitians when it comes to SFS. We want all members to have resources at their fingertips to become actively involved in supporting and promoting sustainable food systems and diets.

Sustainable food systems is one of DC's priority issues, with significant support on recent advocacy activities from the previous Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team. This includes a role paper entitled, The Role of Dietitians in Sustainable Food Systems & Sustainable Diets, which provides the directional foundation of the SFS Network and sets the precedence for our participation in the development of Canada’s first Index on Agri-Food Performance.

Join this Network to get access to:
  • Elevating Indigenous Food Systems with Indigenous Dietitian Perspectives (webinar)
  • How to choose indicators to measure food security (webinar)
  • Universal Income Supports and Universal School Food Program (webinar)
  • Inspiring Dietitians to Advance Sustainable Urban Crop Production (webinar)
  • The role of dietitians in sustainable food systems and diets (role paper)

Read the role paper - The Role of Dietitians in Sustainable Food Systems & Sustainable Diets

Leadership Team:
Amelia Mathany (Co-chair)
Samira Zarghami (Co-chair)

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students
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