Learning on Demand (LOD) brings the best of our live events from around the country to you in a fresh new way. Designed for maximum mobility, suitable for streaming to your computer or tablet, or downloading to your iPod or mp3 player, LOD lets you engage in learning without barriers of time or distance.

Arranged by practice area, you can find audio or video presentations, often with associated handouts or other supplementary materials, on a variety of topics. Be sure to log into the site as a DC member to get preferential pricing and more free items.

New content is uploaded frequently so be sure to stop into Learning on Demand regularly to see what’s new.



To Find a Session

New items are added to LOD every two weeks.  These are added to the Featured Items Bar.  Selecting one of the Quick Links will let your browse the full list of options in an area of practice.

If you are looking for a specific session, speaker or topic area, use the Search Bar to enter your term and click GO.

By clicking on a specific item, you will come to the Product Page that includes the description of the item, a list of speakers, the format of the item, length, cost, posting date and the associated downloadable files.

To Purchase

Once you’ve chosen an item(s), click the red BUY ITEM button. The text will change to ADDED TO CART. Remember to log in as a DC member to get preferred pricing.

To view your cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon on the right side navigation menu. From your Shopping Cart make any changes using UPDATE CART or REMOVE ITEM.

To purchase, click CHECKOUT in the upper right. Review CART SUMMARY and select PAYMENT METHOD by selecting Visa, Mastercard or your PayPal account. Our payment systems are safe, secure and meet the highest industry standards for e-commerce purchases. We also never store your credit card information on our servers.
Enter required information and click PAY. It may take up to a minute for your payment to be processed. Please do not navigate away from the page once you have clicked PAY. Once payment has been paid and received, you will receive an email confirmation with details of your purchase.

To Use

Simply return to LOD and find your item in MY LIBRARY at the top of the left side navigation menu. You can sort your purchases by clicking on the Practice Area menu options within MY LIBRARY.

Once you’ve found the purchased item in MY LIBRARY, clicking on the item will take you to the Product page where you can listen (stream), download handouts and audio files to your portable devices.

If you have purchased an ALL ACCESS PASS, you do not need to go to MY LIBRARY to access the recordings. Simply click on the Product page. The player and downloads will be immediately available.

To listen directly from the computer, simply click on the ‘play’ arrow in the top section. If you want to pause, click on the ‘play’ button again.

If you want to repeat a section, click on the streaming bar to replay sections of the presentation.

Downloading and saving files

Audio files may be downloaded and saved on your computer or portable device after purchase. They can be played using Windows Media Player or iTunes. To save recordings, click DOWNLOAD beside the audio files and save to your computer or portable device using iTunes.

Video presentations can only be streamed, not saved on a portable device.

To download accompanying PowerPoint handouts and other reference material, in Downloads section, locate files entitled Presentation or Handout and click on corresponding DOWNLOAD button. Please be patient. This may take some time as some files are quite large. To see if the download was successful, check the Downloads folder on your computer.

If there are no associated documents with the multimedia file, then either the speakers did not provide any or we were not given permission by the speakers to post the information.



What is included in an All Access Pass?

An All Access Pass (AAP) allows you to view all presentations in Learning on Demand WITH THE EXCEPTION of the items listed under the tab ‘Online Courses’.  These courses all have additional registration fees and are NOT included in the All Access Pass.

Why do some items in LOD not have handouts or slides available?

These items are the intellectual property of our speakers.  While we do ask to be able to share materials with the recordings, some speakers do not give us permission to post them.  We apologise for this inconvenience but it is important to respect the wishes of our speakers.

Why are some sessions only available in audio format and others only in video format?  Why are they not all available in both formats?

The formats depend on the technical capacities in the session room or the videographer on the day the sessions were recorded. In some cases, it is not possible because of the ‘live’ room arrangement to get good quality video, or because it isn’t feasible to film all breakout sessions because of cost (eg. at national conference).  Where possible we produce and post both formats.

Why do the slides not always follow the discussion exactly as in the presentation?

LOD presentations are recordings of live events. Sometimes the speakers make last minute changes to their presentations or are responding to inquiries from the audience.  They may not provide us with the absolute final version of the slides after the event. The main content is always available but the beauty of live events is that things are not always 100% structured.

How long do I have access to the sessions?

Once you’ve purchased the item, you may download the pdfs or the mp3 files to your computer or hard drive to retain the item as long as you wish.  Video files are only available as a streaming presentation and are not downloadable. Online courses are available for 90 days from date of purchase.

There seems to be a problem with the product. What should I do?

Please contact us by emailing  support@dietitians.ca.  Please include the full title of the item and a complete description of the problem to help us assist you. You can expect a response within 2 business days

You can also provide comments in the evaluation survey.  Please include the full title of the item and a complete description of the problem.  This is not the ideal or preferred way to notify us of issues, as we only review the evaluation data a few times each year.  Please contact us at the support@dietitians.ca for more immediate help and service.



Why is the audio and / or video is stuttering when I try to stream it?

You require a fast Internet connection to stream our media content. In general, a broadband connection is recommended. To prevent stuttering, allow the content to buffer before playing. Also, if you are sharing Internet with multiple computers, you may want to stream the media content while there is less Internet activity at your home / office.

How do I play the audio files I downloaded?

All our media files are encoded in either MP3 or M4A. These files can be played on:


I am unable to download the associated file(s). What can I do?

Please check with your local administrator to see if there are any browser permissions or firewall issues blocking the download.

What computer and software do I need?

Any computer bought within the last 3 years will be able to stream video and audio. An Internet browser that supports HTML5 natively will result in the best performance. In addition, some browsers may require the installation of Adobe Flash ( http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer) to watch streaming videos. Updated versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome all support HTML5 standards.

How can I test if my computer can stream video?

If you can watch any videos on Vimeo ( http://www.vimeo.com), then you will be able to stream the LOD videos. If not, look at the instructions on Vimeo on what you need to do. You may have limited access to video streaming if you are in a health care setting and may need to ask for assistance from your technical support department.

My question is not answered here.  What do I do?

Please contact us at the support@dietitians.ca for help and service.  Expect a response within 2 business days.