Unleash Your Potential: Be a Confident Public Speaker

Does public speaking make you nervous? Have a point-of-view to share but your speaking skills get in the way? Interested in media work? Amy Yiu and Kristen Yarker are seasoned dietitians and long-time members of Toastmasters International (the public speaking training organization) who have used group presentations and speaking with the media to grow successful private practices while sharing important nutrition information with the public. 

In this session, Kristen and Amy will distill their extensive experience into what you need to do to overcome your stage-fright and effectively connect with your audience. After this session, you will have tools in hand to craft your unique voice for presentations and increase your confidence by learning essential public speaking skills. In this cluttered world of nutrition information (and mis-information), the world needs dietitians who can share nutrition information accurately and succinctly. The world needs you!

Hosted by the Media Network


Kristen Yarker MSc RD is owner of Kristen Yarker Nutrition in Victoria, BC.

Amy Yiu RD is founder and president of Libra Nutrition in Richmond, BC.

Duration: 1h 13min

Last Updated: February 20, 2019


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