The Case for Sustainable Diets: Uniting Nutrition, Food Systems and the Environment

Uniting Nutrition, Food Systems and the Environment: This webinar explores the consumption side of sustainable diets through an examination of current understandings of how sustainable diets are defined and measured, international best-practice recommendations and dietary guidelines from countries where sustainability principles have been incorporated. The session concludes by exploring ideas to incorporate win-win recommendations for both health and the environment into policy and practice in Canada. 
Dr. Seed’s work for sustainable diets started at a 2013 WHO conference in Italy where she began her journey of exploring this topic. What we eat and how it impacts our environment was incorporated into her work on sustainable diets and includes all aspects such as “production, distribution and waste”.


Dr. Barbara Seed, PhD, MPH, RD, Nutrition and Food Policy Consultant, BC.

Length: 1h 9min NOTE: the video is 1 minute shorter than the original presentation, but no important information has been lost.

Last Updated: February 17, 2017


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