Community Engagement in Health Equity Projects

This presentation will highlight the Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) health equity projects in rural Manitoba. We will share PMH’s commitment to health equity, how we connected and carried out project planning and implementation with community partners, and methods of evaluation. 

The projects include:  

  1. Extension of the Better Access to Groceries (BAG) program to two rural/remote communities.
  2. Implementation and evaluation of a food literacy program in a rural school.
  3. Development of an after school physical literacy program in four rural/remote communities.
We will discuss key points we have learned about community engagement, leadership, and action from the literature and through our experiences with these health equity projects.

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Chantal Morais RD, MPH, CDE – Registered Dietitian, Community Health, Health Promotion, Prairie Mountain Health, Dauphin, MB.

Holly Reimer, RD PhD – Community Health Nutritionist, Health Promotion, Prairie Mountain Health, Dauphin, MB.

Duration: 56min

Last Updated: February 5, 2019


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