Food insecurity: Advocacy skills and strategy

This session will appeal to professionals working in all sectors of practice. The prevalence of income-related food insecurity has not decreased in Canada and many Canadians, including your clients, continue to experience multiple barriers to accessing food. Community activities that promote food security (community gardens, collective kitchens, and collaborating with food banks) can promote positive outcomes like social connectedness, improved mental health, and increased self-efficacy. Nevertheless, food insecurity remains a growing concern in Canada. Using illustrative examples from Food First NL’s Everybody Eats initiative and DC’s new Individual and Household Food Insecurity paper, our speakers challenge you to think and act strategically to develop comprehensive solutions, including advocacy on income, that pave the way towards building a healthy and sustainable food system for all.


Kristie Jameson, Executive Director of Food First NL in St. John’s, NL. 

Gerry Kasten, MSc, RD, FDC, public health dietitian and home health dietitian for Vancouver Coastal Health in Squamish, BC.

Length: 1h 12min

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Last Updated: November 3, 2017


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