Savour The Flavour of East Indian Cuisine

Learn about the Indian culture and diet to better meet the needs of your Indian clients.
1. Become familiar with common ingredients and food preparation methods of the East Indian diet.
2. Learn key tips and strategies for coaching East Indian clients on diet and meal preparation techniques.
3. Gain knowledge in prevention and management of nutrition related concerns/chronic diseases prevalent in the East Indian population.
4. Understand cultural factors that influence East Indian food choices.


Riddhi Shukla is a registered dietitian and first generation East Indian Canadian. She brings an in-depth understanding of the East Indian food customs to her dietetic practice. Empowered with this knowledge and experience, Riddhi is delighted to share her skills and information to enhance dietetic practice to meet the needs of East Indian Canadian clients.
Riddhi has been practicing as a registered dietitian for over 10 years. She has worked in a variety of areas including long term care, acute care, public health, and chronic disease management. She also has experience working with various populations including new immigrants, developmentally disabled adults, pregnant women and older adults. Riddhi is currently working in primary care with the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network.


5:00 pm Registration
5:30 pm Education session followed by dinner
An event of the DC Continuing Education Committee: Edmonton Chapter

Last Updated: December 6, 2017

# Location Description Date
1 Khazana Restaurant
Khazana draws inspiration from the timeless grandeur of India’s glorious culture and tradition to offer its customers the finest in East Indian cuisine. Located...
Feb 08 2018 More Info