Educational Tracks

The education program balances topics across a wide range of subjects using the following categories. To ensure the success of your proposal, be certain that you assign your submission to the category that best defines your topic as described below.
  • Clinical nutrition and primary care – clinically-focused sessions examining dietetic interventions and nutrition care in acute and chronic disease, critical care, long-term care, digestive health and more, aimed at adult populations.

  • Communications technologies – topics which profile new technologies and approaches that integrate nutrition knowledge with emerging technology such as electronic medical records, mobile apps, social media, software and hardware tools of benefit to dietetic practice.

  • Entrepreneurism, career development, leadership – sessions to support career development, business, marketing and leadership skills.

  • Food and culinary – food trends, food demonstrations, culinary skill development, or culinary explorations such as local food tours.

  • Infants, children and youth – innovative child-focused topics in clinical assessment and intervention, school and community-based programming where the primary target are those under 18 years of age.

  • Innovation in dietetics education and training – topics of interest to dietetic educators and preceptors focused on innovations in education or emerging issues in education and training.

  • Management, agriculture, food safety – both macro- and micro-management topics such as staffing, quality improvement, benchmarking, costing, economics and food production in institutions or in the agricultural sector, and matters that impact food supply such as contamination, recalls, and disaster planning.

  • Population and public health – policy, population and public health approaches that address nutrients of interest, food labelling, health disparities, food insecurity, and population-specific concerns including Aboriginal, new Canadians and other at risk communities.

  • Professional practice – programs that focus on developing excellence in dietetic practice such as counseling or interpersonal communications skill development, as well as cultural competency, inter-generational workplaces, professional diversity and successful inclusion of new members to the profession.

Updated May 18, 2017.