Review and Selection Process


Session Review and Selection Process

The Program Planning Team will review all proposals for plenary, symposia, concurrent, workshops or tours received on or before September 15.

Research, experience sharing and student abstracts have different submission deadlines.  More details to follow in September.

The Program Planning Team will consider the educational value of each conference session proposal and the extent to which it presents new or significant information.  All proposals will be judged on their quality and individual merit using the following criteria by a minimum of 3 independent reviewers:

  •  clarity of descriptive statements and learning goals
  •  relevance to dietetic practice or future orientation
  •  information that has not been previously or recently presented
  •  proposed speakers (speaking experience, knowledge in the subject area, etc)

Program Planners will be notified by mid-December on the final status of the submission. A proposal is considered accepted only when a formal invitation is issued by DC and written invitation of acceptance is received.

DC maintains full control over the planning, content and implementation of all programs presented during the conference, including the selection of speakers, moderators and faculty. DC reserves the right to accept or to make recommendations or requirements for revisions prior to acceptance or for promotion and publication.

The intent of the Conference is to provide high quality sessions focused on educational content free from commercial influence or bias. DC prohibits presentations that have as their purpose or effect promotion or advertising. Presentations designed primarily as describing commercially marketed programs, publications, or products will not be accepted. 


For assistance preparing your idea for a plenary, symposium, concurrent, workshop or tour, please contact Corinne Eisenbraun or Karen Boyd. ( and  You may also wish to refer to the Conference 2017 program to assist you.

Updated May 18, 2017.