Session Formats


To meet the broad range of learning needs at the Conference and to ensure an interesting mix of speakers and conference sessions, submissions in the following formats will be considered: 


Concurrent sessions are targeted presentations designed to interest subgroups of delegates, and run against one another as competing sessions. Concurrent presentations may include up to two speakers addressing a common issue or topic from different perspectives, followed by an interactive discussion.

To be successful, proposed sessions must fit one of the following two formats. Proposals suggesting more than 2 speakers in one session will not be considered.

Format #1

  • 60 or 75 minutes in length with minimum of 10 minutes for questions and audience interaction. One speaker maximum. 

Format #2

  • 90 minutes in length with minimum of 15 minutes for questions and audience interaction.
  • One to two speakers maximum.
  • If two speakers proposed, one must be from British Columbia or Yukon.



Workshops are topic-specific programs that allow professionals to develop workplace-applicable or hands-on skills. Workshops must emphasize audience participation. Workshops may be scheduled prior to, during or following the conference as determined by the Program Planning Team.


  • ½ day session (3½  hour maximum including a break).
  • One or two facilitators maximum.
  • Active engagement of participants via small group activities, simulations, exercises or other participatory learning approaches.



Tours are educational programs at sites away from the main conference venue. Typically they may be between 1 to 3 hours in length. Tours will be selected based on the unique opportunities available in or near Vancouver..


Symposia sessions focus on a particular subject, tend toward nutrition research or policy focus, and are presented by speakers of national or international reputation. Symposia delve into a topic in greater detail but still must have a focus that will interest a significant number of delegates. Symposia are generally 60 minutes in length and include 1-2 speakers. Often two symposia are offered concurrently.


Plenary sessions are intended to accommodate all conference delegates. Topics should resonate regardless of area of practice, or be inspirational in nature. Speakers may have a national or international reputation.

Plenary sessions are limited in number, may be 45 or 60 minutes in length and may include one or two speakers. Audience participation may be part of a plenary session depending on the preferences of the speakers.

Research or Experience Sharing

Submissions that focus on a single research study, program or experience sharing are best submitted as CFDR research abstracts. All abstracts must contain original work that has not previously been presented in association with a scientific or professional conference.

Detailed submission information for research, experience sharing or student abstracts will be posted in September. 

Updated May 18, 2017.