Submission Process



Each session must be given a short creative title (limited to 8 words) that summarizes the focus of the session.


This is a concise two to three sentence statement (no bullet points) explaining the intent of the session and should reflect the stated objectives of the session.

Other information that will be required:
  • educational track
  • presentation format: plenary, symposia, concurrent, workshop, tour

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide up to three specific objectives describing the outcomes resulting from the presentation.
  • A learning objective should complete the following statement with an observable and measurable verb: After this presentation, the attendee should be able to …
  • The following verbs are not acceptable when writing learning objectives: know, learn, grasp, enhance, understand, appreciate and improve.
  •  Learning objectives and program focus should be directed at an informed (not novice) audience.
  •  Learning objectives should highlight applications of the session to professional practice.

Speaker and Biographical Information

A brief biographical description and current contact information must be provided for each speaker. The biographical statement should highlight the speaker’s research, work experience and expertise related to the topic.
  •  Briefly describe each speaker's contribution to the session objectives.
  •  It is strongly encouraged that at least one of the speakers is a DC member.
  •  DC welcomes ‘new experts’ and those who have not spoken at DC conference in the past 2 years.
  •  All speakers must be willing to have their sessions recorded.

Speaker Benefits

Conference session speakers will be offered a basic package of benefits to offset the main costs of their participation in the conference.

Conference Registration

  •  Full conference registration if speaker is a DC member.
  •  Non-member speakers will be offered one-day registrations for the day they are speaking.


  • Return air, train or ground travel by least expensive method without undue hardship with regard to time.
  • Taxi or shuttle service costs, and parking as appropriate.
  •  Meal allowance (excluding meals served at the conference) to the level of the DC expense policies.

Accommodation, Honoraria and Speaker Fees

  • One night accommodation and $200 honorarium OR 2 nights hotel accommodation at the conference hotel for non-local speakers.
  • $200 honorarium for local (Vancouver area) speakers. 


Updated June 1, 2017.

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