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These presentations cover a wide range of topics to help you gain insight into different practice areas, learn new skills and stay up to date on the evidence and best practices.  New topics are added regularly throughout the year. You'll see the most recent presentations listed first.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these presentations are that of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect those of Dietitians of Canada. Further, the presentations should not be reproduced in full or in part without the express written consent of the presenter.  

Eating at Risk: A Conversation with a Healthcare Lawyer Parmis Goudarzi-Malayeri Registered Dietitians working with patients with dysphagia are often faced with challenging situations that bring feelings of worry and anxiety about liability. Healthcare lawyer Parmis Gourdarzi-Malayeri explains the legal considerations pertaining to the complexities of dietetic dysphagia management and eating at risk, busts common myths and explains best practices to protect ourselves from liability. This webinar was hosted by the Gerontology Network, Dysphagia, Assessment and Treatment Network, and the Home Care Network. Best Practices in Dining Technologies - A Panel Discussion Julie Cavalière, RD, Lauren Emrich, NM, Tara Pfab, RD, Kristina Parsons, RD, Twinkle Patel, RD This panel has worked with industry leaders to make a positive difference for hospitality, dining and foodservice employees, clients/patients, and customers through leading web-based and other networked technology solutions, customized support, and real-time information. Learn how communities use these solutions to provide efficiencies in foodservice and improve the dining experience. Household Food Insecurity - Current Evidence and Practical Tools to Guide Action Karen Giesbrecht, RD, MA, Lillian Yin, RD, MPH (c), Alessia Gadoua, RD, MPH (c), Julie Paquette, RD, MBA Learn about the Dietitians of Canada position on Household Food Insecurity (HFI). We will review terminology, research, current understandings, tensions in how we address HFI in Canada, and explore why this is relevant for dietitians in all areas of practice. Precision Nutrition - Advances and Controversies in Genetic Testing Ahmed El Sohemy, PhD In this presentation, understand how genetic variation impacts nutritional requirements; Learn how to identify relevant genetic markers with clinical relevance; Recognize the benefits and limitations of consumer genetic testing and understand what genetic tests can and cannot reveal about a person’s health and dietary recommendations. You are a Leader, not an Imposter Matthew Landry, RDN, PhD Attendees will be engaged through interactive case study activities to deconstruct root causes of why you may experience impostor syndrome, review common thoughts and feelings associated with impostorism, and specify how we can all work towards overcoming feelings of self-doubt that limit professional achievement and success! Health Canada Update 2023 Maya Villeneuve, RD and Ann Ellis, RD, MSc After this session, participants will be able to describe new and ongoing public health nutrition initiatives at Health Canada and reflect on how those initiatives can impact dietitians' practice. Anti-Racism in Dietetic Practice Marissa Alexander, RD and Laurel Burton, RD, MSc (c) This session will introduce anti-racism and explore common challenges dietitians face when coming into anti-racism work. The session will create a safe, supportive space where participants feel comfortable asking questions, feel safe to engage in the content, and practice sitting with their thoughts and emotions. Anti-Oppressive, Trauma-Informed, Weight-Inclusive Care Alexandra Shewan, MC, RCC In dietetics, special attention must be paid to the intersections of race and body size.This presentation will explore these concepts from a contextual perspective, while also giving participants tangible strategies to apply to their practice. The changing landscape of nutrition practice in malnutrition care: Are we ready for the future? Heather Keller, RD, PhD, FDC, FCAHS and Roseann Nasser, RD, MSc, FDC, CNSC This session will highlight the advances in malnutrition care and recently created evidence-based best practices pathways and policies that can be implemented in primary and acute care. Microbiome Interventions For Chronic Disease: Perception vs. Scientific Reality Natasha Haskey, RD, PhD (c) and Kristina Campbell, MSc This session will examine adult dietary interventions focused on the microbiome and compare popular perceptions with scientific reality. Probiotics, prebiotics/fibre, synbiotics, fermented foods, postbiotics and fecal microbiota will be the topics covered.
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