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Sport nutrition: 5 important considerations for dietitians working with athletes

Dietitian Vincci Tsui shares her top five takeaways from an intensive 4-day sport nutrition course.

VincciHS1.jpgVincci Tsui is a registered dietitian practicing in Calgary, Alberta. She is passionate about helping elite and recreational athletes reach their personal best with real nutrition solutions that fit into their busy, active lifestyles. Vincci has been practising Muay Thai for years and is hoping to finally win a fight in 2016! She is a social media addict and can be found on Twitter @VincciRD, on Instagram @vincci_t, and on her website at

Last November, I attended a 4-day intensive sport nutrition course in Calgary, held jointly by the Dietitians of Canada Sport Nutrition Network and Sports Dietitians Australia. Many dietitians flew in from across the country for the event.

The course was packed with practical knowledge from some of the top experts in the field, as well as many opportunities to get hands-on with the information and network with other dietitians. You can read tweets from the event by searching the #DCSNN hashtag on Twitter.

There were many exceptional learning experiences and memorable moments throughout the course, but I have narrowed these down to my top five takeaways ... continue reading

Pediatric dietetics: Key roles & recommended resources

A dietitian advocates for more training in pediatric nutrition.

Yara-head-shot1.jpgYara Gholmie holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from McGill University in Montreal and has recently finished her Master of Science in Child Health and Pediatrics from the University College London in the United Kingdom. Yara worked as a sports nutritionist in Montreal, before pursuing her master’s degree. She is now researching food allergies in Children. Yara hopes to have a successful career as a pediatric dietitian. To get in touch with Yara, email her at

Pediatric dietitians, like myself, understand how children’s feeding skills develop, how children learn to like foods, and how their approach to eating varies with age. We are also very effective at both the recognition and the treatment of faltering growth and under-nutrition, secondary to the outcome of a childhood disease. Other health professionals do not have the expertise to address challenges in these areas as comprehensively as a dietitian would. Pediatric dietitians improve the nutrition knowledge of children and their parents. We are an indispensable part of the health care team.  continue reading

On The Bridge: Learning about internationally educated dietetic professionals

Elizabeth Manafo, MHSc, RD was the Program Manager for the Internationally Educated Dietitians Pre-Registration Program, Chang School at Ryerson University.  

It is always exciting for me to be in a classroom setting. I guess you could say I’m one of those people who love to learn. I mean really love to learn. Yes, I was that student excited on Labour Day weekend to get back into the classroom with a new binder and a fancy pencil case (in University!). Mainly as an observer, I most comfortably learned quietly behind a desk, with my eyes and ears open to the information around me.  continue reading

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