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What you need to know about chronic wound treatment [flow chart]

A Manitoba dietitian shares her experience researching the best evidence in nutrition therapy for wound healing.

KKHS1.jpegKimberly Knott is a registered dietitian who works as a diabetic educator in Swan Lake, Manitoba and at Ginew Wellness Center for a first nation’s community in Roseau River, Manitoba. She has worked in 11 different institutions in Southern Manitoba. Kim has always been interested in health issues, like chronic wound care, where nutrition has the potential to ease suffering and lower health care costs. She can be reached at  

Chronic wound healing has been identified as a growing problem in my health region and across Canada. It’s a problem that contributes to health care costs and, more importantly to me, to the suffering of patients. I began investigating the latest research in nutrition therapy to address this problem in January 2014. continue reading

A day in the life of a call centre dietitian: 4 key skills for success

A dietitian from EatRight Ontario provides insight into her varied and dynamic role and shares key skills needed to succeed.

SEHS1.jpgSandra Edwards has been a part-time call centre dietitian with EatRight Ontario for over six years. She also runs her own nutrition consulting practice in Markham, ON. Sandra loves working remotely from the comfort of her home office to assist Ontarians in improving their health through better eating habits. You can reach Sandra at or call the EatRight Ontario service at 1-877-510-510-2.

Working as an EatRight Ontario (ERO) dietitian is quite different from other RD roles. First off, I have the privilege of working remotely (from a home office). This means that I do not have to deal with the background noise that a busy call centre or telemarketing environment might have. I also use a wireless headset, keyboard and mouse, which gives me the flexibility to move around. I need to remind myself to do this constantly. Plus, I’m able to wear whatever I want and still speak professionally to a caller from anywhere in Ontario! I love it when a caller asks me where I am and I politely tell them I’m in a satellite office north of Toronto. They are so pleased to hear I am actually in Ontario.

So what must call centre dietitians excel at to succeed in this role? continue reading

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