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How to pick the perfect internship program in 3 easy steps

A dietitian who has never failed at helping his mentees get internships shares his valuable insight.

BS-HS1.jpgBen Sit is a Toronto based sports dietitian, personal trainer, and the owner, founder and, president of Evolved Sport and Nutrition. He spends his time mentoring nutrition students and educating athletes about the importance of sports nutrition. Ben is also an athlete. When he’s not training for his next race or lifting weights, he’s busy cooking up a storm and developing recipes for athletes. He continues to travel the world, studying different cultures, cuisines, and cooking styles in order to best serve his clients. You can reach Ben at, on Twitter at @Evolved_SN, Instagram at @Evolved_SN, and through his website.

It is internship application time: rumours are flying around rapidly, applicants are becoming increasingly competitive, and stress levels reach an all-new high. Each year, more and more applicants are applying for internships to achieve their dreams of becoming registered dietitians, and each year the applicants get stronger and stronger.
How do I know this? I have been mentoring and coaching nutrition students to help them get into their chosen internship programs, with a 100% success rate, ever since I became a dietitian five years ago. continue reading

The benefits of mentoring: Why you should re-frame your thinking

Learn why mentoring will benefit your career and some strategies to “pay it backward.”

Andrea-Miller-HS1.jpgAndrea Miller, a Whitby, Ontario based consulting dietitian, has had many roles over her twenty-plus year career, including internship director, family health team dietitian, corporate dietitian, long-term care dietitian, Dietitians of Canada (DC) Board of Directors member, consulting dietitian, university instructor and DC media spokesperson. Andrea currently runs a busy private practice, and mentors a number of consulting dietitians and undergraduate nutrition students. Connect with her on twitter @AndreaMillerRD.

Ok, let's get it over with – that collective groan when we hear the word mentoring!

Next, let's be clear on what mentoring is not: mentoring is not preceptoring. Although preceptoring is an essential and important part of our growth as dietitians, it is very distinct from mentoring.

The focus of this blog post will be on what I call an "authentic career strategy," also known as mentoring! continue reading

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