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Expectations Meeting Reality: A Dietitian Learning Long Term Care

Nicole Osinga, MAN, RD is an Ontario-based Registered Dietitian working in Long Term Care. In addition to clinical nutrition, she has a passion for education and writing. She teaches healthy cooking classes for those living with cancer and regularly writes educational pieces for her nutrition blog

From what I’ve gathered, it seems that new RDs don’t always rank working in Long Term Care (LTC) as their first choice.  Rationale from my colleagues regarding this hesitancy to work in LTC includes perceiving it as not exciting, not being able to be creative, nervousness about working with frail older adults and dealing with complex issues like tube feedings. On the other hand, I had developed a passion for LTC from prior work experience and was eager to work as an RD in LTC when I graduated from Internship. I appreciated the potential for building relationships while in a controlled, clinical setting – ideal for Type A personalities like myself.  continue reading

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