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A Dietitian's Trip to Paris

Lisa is the PEN Quality Assistant in Toronto and also creator of the blog, Adventures of a Dietitian where she writes about the art of eating well and food adventures. 

When I first started taking cooking courses at George Brown College in Toronto a coworker of mine said, “George Brown? Why don’t you just go to Cordon Blue in Paris?” I guess the idea stuck in my head because when a last minute change in plans left me with two weeks of vacation with nowhere to go I started thinking that a trip to Cordon Bleu in Paris might not be a bad idea.   
It turns out that Cordon Bleu offers one-day cooking classes and workshops, which take place in French with English translators. I really wanted to have a full culinary experience while in Paris so I signed up for a couple courses: Paris Market Tour and Cooking for Friends.  continue reading

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