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Coming face to face with the profession: Top 3 reasons to attend the DC National Conference

A seasoned dietitian attends her first Dietitians of Canada National Conference and shares why she wants to see you in Winnipeg next year.

SLHS1.jpgSteph Langdon is a Saskatoon based dietitian and entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping people lead healthier and happier lives with a focus on performance, prevention, and creating healthy habits. Steph is a food industry consultant and spokesperson, workshop facilitator, and a writer/blogger – when her role as a new-mom allows! You can reach her at, connect on LinkedIn or follow her on facebook or twitter @NutrishusRD.

With so many educational opportunities and often limited funds for professional development (especially when you’re self-employed), I had yet to attend the Dietitians of Canada (DC) National Conference.

When I started my practice, I was very focused on sports nutrition and as such, I attended sport related conferences. I had yet to attend a conference that was primarily RDs (we’re often outnumbered at Canadian sport conferences!). This year, I had the opportunity to attend my first DC National Conference with my colleagues from SaskMilk, which was nice as I had a few familiar faces in the crowd.

The conference started and right away I had a great feeling about it! Hundreds of RDs filled the room to hear Daniel Germain, from Breakfast Clubs of Canada, kick us off and remind us of the conference theme: stronger together. What a great theme. continue reading


Baking our way to Victoria: The life of a student fundraiser

Caitlin Peiris is a 3rd year nutrition student and Dietitians of Canada Senior Liasion at the Universty of Saskatchewan.  She is very interested in pursuing community nutrition and research. Caitlin can be reached at

For university students, money can be hard to come by. Nutrition students at the University of Saskatchewan know this all too well, and we dedicate a lot of time and energy to earning money in creative ways. For as valuable and exciting as the DC National Conference is, getting there on a student budget is no small feat.
As the Dietitians of Canada Liaison for my program, it is my job to facilitate this moneymaking endeavour. This is the story of 20 young women raising $9000 in 3 months to attend the National Conference in Victoria in 2013. continue reading

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