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Pass the fermented walrus: Four insights into practicing dietetics on Baffin Island

A dietitian explores the challenges of adapting to a new culture when she moves to Iqaluit.

AP-headshot1.JPGApril Peters is the Baffin regional clinical outpatient dietitian, working out of Iqaluit. She covers all of Baffin Island, which includes everything from hamlets, with as few as 130 people living in them, to Iqaluit, which has a population of about 8500. She previously worked as a community dietitian in Haida Gwaii and with CBORD nutrition software in Prince George. She is quite happy to be contacted at to answer questions or share resources.

If you are laughing about the fermented walrus, you should know – it’s a real thing. I’ll get into that later.

I knew I wanted to go north years ago. I was never an adventurous person growing up, but then it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t actually have to stay in the town I grew up in. I haven’t stopped moving ever since. I’m always thinking, “Where else could I go that would provide that extra career challenge mixed with epic adventure?” continue reading

Jack of all trades, master of none: Musings of a small town dietitian.

Laurel Leconte has been a jack-of-all-trades dietitian on Manitoulin Island for the past 8 ½ years. In her spare time she enjoys running, cooking and wearing disguises to the grocery store. She appreciates the broadened perspective that being a mother of small children brings to her dietetic practice. She would love to network with other dietitians working in similar practice situations. Email her at

If you work in a large city, I hope you don’t take for granted the anonymity you might have as a dietitian working in an urban center. You certainly don’t have that in a small town!  As a small town dietitian, it’s not unusual to be the inpatient clinician, outpatient diabetes educator, diabetes education program coordinator (travelling to five communities) and foodservices manager (two site hospital). (Yes, that’s me!) As such, you’re positioned in the interesting role of knowing a little about a lot of food and nutrition issues. Here are just some of my day to day experiences as a dietitian on Manitoulin Island. continue reading

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