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Five steps to creating your first online nutrition course

Vanessa Perrone is a registered dietitian, owner of Motive Nutrition, nutrition expert for Global Montreal Morning News and a workplace wellness speaker. Her goal is simple: motivate her crowd to get back to the basics in the kitchen, eat real food and take charge of their health. Find her on Twitter @VanPerrone, Instagram @VanPerrone and Facebook Vanessa Perrone RD/Nutritionniste.

It’s been close to a year since I launched my first online course, The Healthful Home Cook. Since then, I’ve also opened the doors to a private practice and learned a tremendous amount about running both a brick and mortar and an online business. I'm now applying all that I’ve learned to the creation of my next online course, focused on group coaching, due out in 2015.
Online courses and programs are a perfect fit for dietitians because they’re an opportunity to do the following: continue reading

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