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How an innovative blog series is putting a face to the dietetics profession

Steph Langdon helps to raise the profile of dietitians with her blog series, “What RDs Do.”

SLHS1.jpgSteph Langdon is a Saskatoon based consulting dietitian and entrepreneur. She recently started an interview series profiling the various roles of dietitians on her blog and has been overwhelmed with support. As a work-at-home mom, she has embraced blogging and social media to promote dietitians and clear up misconceptions. Email Steph if you’d like to be featured in her series. She can be reached at You can also connect with Steph on LinkedIn, or follow her on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter @NutrishusRD.

Ten months ago, I started a blog series aimed at putting a face to the dietetics profession and helping us understand the unique skill sets and the diversity that exists among us.

This series was inspired by a fellow dietitian commenting that, “Dietitians don’t just blog about food trends all day.” To which I thought, “Yes, some do.” If we, as dietitians, don’t know what many others in our profession do, how can we expect the public to? continue reading

Showcasing dietitians as the experts in nutrition: One initiative reaches thousands!

A group of dietitians worked hard to promote the dietetics profession to thousands of delegates at the 2015 canfitpro conference in Toronto.

HSJR1.jpgJodi Robinson is a consulting dietitian, certified diabetes educator, college professor, and fitness professional in the Niagara region. Her dream is to own a flourishing private practice. She recently took the leap and opened Craving Health – Dietitian & Wellness Services in Grimsby, Ontario. No matter how busy life gets, she finds time to hang out with her two adorable shelties and attend a few yoga classes each week. You can get in touch with her through her website, email, Twitter @Jodi_RD, and Facebook.

What do 12 dietitians, over 12,000 fitness professionals, and thousands of others have in common? We all attended the annual canfitpro International Fitness Conference and Trade Show in Toronto this past August. For those not familiar with canfitpro, it’s the largest body of fitness professionals in Canada and every year they host conferences across the country as an opportunity for fitness professionals to obtain continuing education credits and for the public to attend health and wellness presentations.

It’s hard to believe that I have been attending the canfitpro Toronto conference since 1998 while still in high school. At first, I attended as a volunteer and then as a fitness professional. Every conference offers a multitude of nutrition workshops; however, to my surprise, very few of these are facilitated by dietitians. Rather, holistic nutritionists, fitness experts, and chiropractors—to name just a few—take centre stage voicing their authority on nutrition. Many of these groups also host a booth at the trade show engaging people with their services and products that—to the cringe of many dietitians—may not be evidence-based. continue reading

Top five tips for a successful Nutrition Month

Two dietitians share tips on executing a successful regional nutrition month campaign.

VYheadShot1.jpgVanessa Yurchesyn works with Loblaw Companies Ltd as an in-store dietitian at five Atlantic Superstores. Vanessa started leading Nutrition Month activities in 2007 as a student. She was also on the Nova Scotia Nutrition Month committee, and became co-chair of the New Brunswick Nutrition Month committee in 2013. To contact Vanessa, email her or follow her on Twitter @allfoodsfitNB.

KSHS1.JPGKaren Simon has been in private practice for 24 years. Karen has also worked for a grocery store chain, Sobeys, for the last 13 years. After many years of volunteering at her children’s school and sports teams, she has taken on the role of New Brunswick Nutrition Month chair and co-chair for the last six years. Feel free to email Karen with any questions about her work or volunteer work with Nutrition Month.

Every year Nutrition Month brings together students, interns, dietitians, workplaces and communities. March is a key month to profile dietitians as leaders in supporting Canadians to eat and enjoy healthy food. It is always inspiring to see the volunteer work that is done by dietitians across Canada.

Karen Simon and Vanessa Yurchesyn have been the New Brunswick Nutrition Month co-chairs for three years. After some reflection on their work with Nutrition Month, Karen and Vanessa have a few tips to share with you! continue reading

An enlightening dietitian sorts the science from science fiction

A dietitian addresses misinformation in the media.

RosieHS1.JPGRosie Schwartz is a consulting dietitian and author of The Enlightened Eater's Whole Foods Guide. Her passion for enlightening her clients with real evidence-based information led to her series of Enlightened Eater books. Rosie has been writing about enlightened eating for more than 20 years and is currently a columnist for Parents Canada and Diabetes Dialogue magazines. She is also a frequent contributor to the Medical Post newspaper. Visit her website, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Enlightened eating can indeed be a daunting task. We are constantly bombarded with confusing nutrition messages. Studies about nutritional issues are often reported in the media without any context and consequently, can add to the confusion. Sorting the science from the science fiction has become increasingly difficult. My blog, Enlightened Eater, allows me to address these issues head on and engage with my readers and clients directly. 

I recently addressed an interview of Nina Teicholz, the author of The Big Fat Surprise, on CBC's The Current. continue reading

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