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A career in nutrigenomics: Addressing three key questions

lisaHS1.jpegLisa Cianfrini has been working in the health and fitness field as a personal trainer, sports trainer and nutrition coach since 2003. In 2012, following her passion for nutrigenomics, Lisa began working with Nutrigenomix®, a University of Toronto spin-off company that enables registered dietitians to offer nutrigenomic testing to their clients. She also began her private practice, NutriGeneRD, in 2012 to address the need for personalized gene-based nutrition. Visit Lisa’s website at

After starting a degree in biochemistry and genetics, I discovered that my passion was for preventing disease through nutrition. I started reading articles on nutrigenomics and decided to switch degrees to focus my studies in this area. It was a natural fit to continue a career in nutrigenomics once I became a dietitian.  I did not really know what I was getting into, I just knew that I had a passion for helping others and a belief that the application of nutrigenomics could further the health of our population, as well as the profession of dietetics. continue reading

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