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Sports dietetics: A behind the scenes look into international events

Past Canadian Olympic Committee Performance Dietitian Kelly Anne Erdman shares the challenges and triumphs of working with Olympic athletes.

KAEHS1.jpgKelly Anne Erdman, MSc, RD, CSSD is a lead performance dietitian for the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary. She worked as the Canadian Olympic Committee performance dietitian for three years. Now, she works with national team athletes from Hockey Canada, long track speed skating, luge, athletics and sledge hockey, to name a few. Kelly Anne instructs coaches at the National Coaching Institute Calgary, as well as in private practice at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre.

As the Canadian Olympic Committee performance dietitian from 2011-2014, I have many interesting stories to share. I was with Team Canada during the Pan Am Games, and the London & Sochi Olympics (referred to as Games). The following is a collection of eye-opening insight into what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to fueling athletes at international Games events. continue reading

So, you want to write a book? Six lessons learned by a first time author

A dietitian shares her insightful journey to becoming a published writer.

DNHS1.jpgDesiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian in private practice and consulting in Vancouver BC, with a focus on plant-centred diets, inflammation and digestive health. She is the author of “Un-Junk Your Diet: How to shop, cook and eat to fight inflammation and feel better, forever” and “Banish the Bloat: A 21 Day Digestive Health Program.” Desiree is also co-chair of the Dietitians of Canada Integrative and Functional Nutrition Network. Connect with Desiree on Twitter @desireerd, Facebook, and Instagram @desireenielsenrd or check out her website at

Writing a best-selling nutrition book is a sure fire way to success…but how do you get there? For me, the dream of writing a book was a career goal even before I entered the field of dietetics. Finding the time to do it was another matter.
As a first time mom I thought, rather naively, that I should be able to hammer out a manuscript on my mat leave. Not so. Writing for an hour a night with a full time job and a toddler? It just wasn’t working. I was going to have to figure out another plan. continue reading

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